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Brake assembly BZT and BZTM

The 3-piston brake assembly BZT is designed as a floating brake caliper and can be mounted to 3.5′′, 4′′ and 5′′ disk brake wheels of the series Max II, Tria and Penta. The brake assembly features an extremly light weight of 440 g and very compact outer dimensions. Because of the metric screw connection the change of the brake linings can be carried out without any special tools.
Especially for light, single-seated sailplanes or UL-motorplanes, in which a low weight of the components is important, the brake assembly BZT is convenient.


P/N Description Hydraulic fluid Application Braking torque
Connecting thread Weight
Brake disk thickness mm
080100 BZT DOT4 4′′ SRT Tria
5′′ SBP Penta
250 M10x1 440 5
080100 BZT Mil-H 4′′ SRT Tria
5′′ SBP Penta
250 M10x1 440 5
080110 BZTM DOT4 Max II SB 100 M10x1 440 3.5
080111 BZTM Mil-H Max II SB 100 M10x1 440 3.5

We can offer different universal or customised anchor plates for the mounting of the brake assembly to the landing gear according to your requirements.

Spare parts for brake assembly BZT

P/N Description Hydraulic fluid Remarks
080801 Housing BZT N/A
080802 Piston BZT N/A
080803 Counter plate BZT N/A
080805 Piston sealing BZT DOT4
080806 Piston sealing BZT Mil-H
080810 Brake lining BZT N/A
080811 Anchor bolt BZT N/A glued to brake lining retainer
080811 Anchor bolt BZT N/A applicable for 080100/080101
080812 Anchor bolt BZT N/A applicable for 080110/080111
080815 Washer anchor bolt BZT N/A
080816 Nut anchor bolt BZT N/A
080817 Housing screw BZT N/A
080819 Retainer screw BZT N/A
080820 Washer housing or retainer screw N/A

Brake lining wear limit:
The minimum replacement thickness on organic linings is 0.7 mm.
The total thickness of brake linings at no point must be less than 0.7 mm.

Installation note:
After mounting the brake assembly tighten the hexagonal bolt with a tightening torque of 6 Nm.

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