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TOG Brake assembly

The brake assembly TOG is designed as a fixed caliper brake and can be mounted to 5′′ disk brake wheels of the series Penta and Classic. Due to the simple but robust design the brake assembly ensures a long service time and easy maintenance with good deceleration values.

P/N Description Hydraulic fluid Application Brake torque
Connecting thread Weight
Brake disk thickness
058110 TOG DOT4 5″ SB Classic
5″ SBP Penta
260 M10x1 460 4


Spare parts

P/N Description Hydraulic
058530 Seal kit DOT4
058533 Separation sealing DOT4
058534 Bleed valve DOT4
058512 Set brake linings
058511 Split pins

Brake lining wear limit:
The minimum replacement thickness for brake linings is 1.5 mm.
The total thickness of brake linings at no point must be less than 1.5 mm.

Installation note:
1. Mount brake assembly vertically, maximum 15° inclination.
2. Tightening torque of fastening bolts M8x45 at assembly with 20 Nm, maximum 22 Nm.
3. The brake assembly is tested to 120 bar prior to delivery. On delivery the brake assembly may still contain brake fluid.
4. The M6 hexagonal bolts are tightened to a torque of 12 Nm. This torque must be maintained to prevent pressure loss.
5. Only use DOT4 brake fluid.

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