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Helicopter Equipment

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We develop and manufacture equipment for various applications:
  • For the descend of task forces through internal or external attached rope down securing units
  • Rescue cages for picking-up people or for transport of high loads
  • Cable Cutter as redundant safety system for cable winches, with suitable pockets
  • Load cables for the transportation of external loads, hanging under the helicopter
  • High-tensile connectors
  Tost Rope down securing unit Helicopters are used worldwide as a fast and safe means of transport. Fire-fighting teams or police task forces are quickly brought into an operational area by helicopters. They can reach sites which are inaccessible for surface transport. Landing in tight spaces, however, entails great risks for any helicopter To expand the mission scope of helicopters we developed our “rope-down securing unit” to ensure the safe descend of rescue teams. They rope-down to a precise location while the helicopter hovers in position overhead.

tost-seilfallschirmDuring the rope-down operation, members of the task force are safely attached to the helicopter via the Tost rope-down securing unit, installed internal or external of the helicopter. On completion of the rope-down operation, the pilot or a crew member disconnects the rope with 1 pull to release the team members, either singly or in groups. The helicopter is ready for the next mission immediately.   Apart from standard police or fire-fighting missions, the rope-down securing unit can be used in a number of special applications, eg:
  • Mountain and sea rescue operations
  • Fighting forest fires
  • Flood rescue operations
  • Fire in multistorey buildings
  • Dropping emergency personnel
  • Redundant safety system
  • Operations of Special Forces teams