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3.5′′ Landing wheel Max and Max II

The tire size 200x50 is one of the well-established sizes for tail wheels (LR) of gliders and motor gliders. In addition to the well-tried one-part die-cast wheel hub Max, with the wheel hub Max II we now also offer a light-weight, two-part version. The Max II combines easy tire mounting with lowest possible weight. Thanks to its anodised surface, the Max II wheel hub shows a maximum of corrosion protection.

two-part with,
foam filled tire

3,5′′ Laufrad Max II

3,5′′ landing wheel Max (033100)

P/N Description Install.
Tire size Weight
w/o tire
Type of hub
033100 3.5′′ LR Max 50 20 200x50 430 one-part
033112 3.5′′ LR Max II 50 12 200x50 375 two-part
033120 3.5′′ LR Max II 50 20 200x50 365 two-part
 033412 3.5′′ LR Max II
Version Arcus
 50 12  200x50  375

external valve hole

033420 3.5′′ LR Max II
Version Antares
 50 20  200x50  360  two-part,
external valve hole
033812 3.5′′ LR Max II F 50 12 200x50 370  two-part, with
033820 3.5′′ LR Max II F 50 20 200x50 360 two-part, with


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