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Aero tow rope ELASTIK

The lightest and most comfortable aero tow rope.
Material crimpe crepe white, hawser-laid.

The stretching of more than 30% under normal load results in a particularly elastic tow, without dangerous recoil.
The ELASTIK rope is recommeded especially for motor glider tow and Ultralight tow.
With this elastic rope, a smooth tow can be achieved even with less powerful tugs.

To save weight, we manufacture the ELASTIK rope without aluminium end pieces and rubber sheaths.
The connecting parts are spliced directly into the rope ends.

 P/N Description Length
 Minimum breaking
load daN
Colour Ø
183300 Rope ELASTIK 40 870 white 10 1500
183400 Rope ELASTIK 50 870 white 10 1900
183500 Rope ELASTIK 60 870 white 10 2100


The declaration of rope length is in stretched condition and under normal load.

Tost Produkt