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Attachment outside, Type “External”

for 1- or 2-man teams (per side)

The Tost rope down securing unit is appropriate for the technique of fast-roping or rapelling since the fixation point is above the cabin.
The rope down procedure can be started directly into the tight rope.



  • on existing winch fittings with ball lock pins
  • either left hand, right hand or on both sides

For version 192141 left hand and version 192142 right hand the Ultimate Load to JAR 29 is 8 kN = 800 kg per attaching point.

Used in:

  • EC 135, BK 117 C2


The installation in the helicopter is completed with edge protection mats.


P/N Attachment Number
192141 External, attachment left hand 1-2
192142 External, attachment right hand 1-2
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