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Retrofit of complete hydraulic brake system

The retrofit of the hydraulic brake system in Schempp-Hirth gliders results in a clear increase as well as a better modulation of the brake force. Pilot and copilot can equally brake at the same time. All control sticks are equipped with a master cylinder. The control stick is replaced by a CNC-milled version; in double seaters this applies only to the forward control stick. The complex brake actuation via a bowden cable is no longer necesssary and a significant improvement in the braking force and the operational safety can be obtained.

An existing disk brake wheel can still be used further on. The retrofit can be carried out easily and quickly in a gliding club’s workshop.


 P/N  Description  Aircraft type  Remarks



Retrofit kit Schempp-Hirth double seaters




incl. Minor Change Approval,
see TM 1-2015



Retrofit kit Schempp-Hirth single seaters




Nimbus 2 – 4

incl. Supplemental Type Certificate,
see TM 1-2016


The retrofit kit includes all components like the master cylinder, hydraulic hoses with fittings and the complete documentation with installation instruction.

The retrofit kit is approved and delivered with EASA Form 1

It is neccessary, to first perform the retrofit of the disc brake wheel “Penta”.


Please always indicate with your order the aircraft type and the serial number.


To complete the retrofit with the brake assembly BZT2, we issued a Minor Change Approval (TN 2-2018). Further aircraft types are planned.

 P/N  Description  Aircraft type  Remarks
050931 Retrofit BZT2 (p/n 089230) ASK 13 TM 2-2018
050930 Retrofit BZT2 (p/n 089200) Schempp-Hirth TM 2-2018


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