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CRG Modules

Winch unit

Depending on the model, the retractor winch is mounted either on a base plate or on a motor support and installed in the fuselage of the tug either behind the seat or in the baggage compartment. If necessary, the winch unit can be dismantled quickly. The main components are a 12 V (standard) or a 24 V (optional) motor with a worm gear, motor bracket, cable drum and cable cover.
The tow cable runs through or under the fuselage either in an aluminium or in a plastic cable duct to the cable stop plate unit at the tail.

Cable stop plate unit with guillotine

For tugs of the type Robin and Morane or for motor gliders or ultralight aircraft, the new cable stop plate is bolted to the existing tow support. For tail wheel aircrafts, e.g. Piper, Maule or Husky, a new tow support is supplied on which the cable stop plate with guillotine is mounted.
The guillotine is activated by the existing release cable. The cable is simply transferred to the guillotine lever. A tow release can be used optionally, e.g. for banner tows or double tows, by transferring the cable from the guillotine back to the tow release.
Please note: Only one of the two towing devices may be used at a time.

The cable load is taken up by the stop plate via a sleeve screwed over a knot in the tow cable. The cable load is not taken up by the winch unit. The permitted cable load is equivalent to the permitted towing capacity of the tug.
A rubber funnel takes up the conical end piece after rewinding the tow cable. The fuselage is protected against damages.


Electric switch unit

The rewinding of the cable is started by means of a toggle switch fitted with a control light. The switch unit (switch, fuse and cable set for standard 12 V on-board voltage) is prewired and assembled on an aluminium plate that can be mounted on the instrument panel in the pilot’s line of sight.
Once the glider has been released, the electrical switch unit starts the retractor winch. Operation can be checked in the rear-view mirror. The control light in the panel is on during the whole duration of rewinding. After the cable has been fully rewound, an overload switch switches the motor off automatically. If the cable retraction sensor is installed, the motor will be cut off immediately.

Tow cable

The tow cable with a diameter of 6.1 mm has a standard length of 50 m. At the end of the cable there is an aluminium end piece, complete with weak link and connecting ring pair. Breaking load of the weak link according to your requirements. Unless otherwise specified with the order, we supply a standard 500 daN white weak link.
The kit is ready-to-tow, i.e. you receive all necessary parts for the installation. You can start operation immediately after the approval. The aluminium cable duct is not supplied as part of the standard kit due to the high transport costs. On request we can include this item in the scope of delivery.

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