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CRG Optional Equipment

Cable retraction sensor with cut off

It is not always possible to monitor the cable retraction in the rear-view mirror.
The solution: A proximity switch permits contactless detection of the end piece and a control light indicates that the cable is completely retracted. The drive switches off immediately and cannot be switched on again.
Benefits: Increased safety because of monitored cable retraction and a longer motor service life. Easy to upgrade on all systems.
We recommend this option for all original installations. Retrofitting of all units already in operation is also possible.

P/N Description
300200 Cable retraction sensor with cut off

Modification to 60 m cable length

For flight students the use of a 60 m cable is more comfortable. This is why we offer a modification kit for the existing CRGs. Only the cable drum needs to be exchanged.
A bigger installation space than for the 50 m cable drum is not required. With smaller root diameter, the 60 m drum is optimised to match the motor torque.

P/N Description
300020 Cable drum for 60 m cable
300556 60 m cable

Powerful Driving Unit PM 42

Higher torque and higher rpm for faster cable retraction, also during fast descents. The increased performance ensures a longer service life, especially under tough long-term operation. Available for 12 V and 24 V.

P/N Description
300942 Driving unit PM 42 12 V DC

When retrofitting the driving unit PM 42, the fuse and the toggle switch must be exchanged as well.

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