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CRG Spare Parts

When did you have a closer look at your retraction winch the last time?
When did you last check if all components are okay, if the cable drum and the rubber funnel are still in good shape?
The complete spare parts list helps you to check everything. There you will also find product improvements such as the advanced terminator with steel bush.
Especially for older models, those improved spare parts could be of interest to you. You can easily replace them and they will optimise the function of your CRG.
All spare parts are available ex stock so that you can quickly overcome AOG situations.


Rubber funnel
Made from UV-resistant material. The aluminium ring stiffens the rubber funnel and impedes the slipping out of the end piece.

P/N Description Weight g
300149 Rubber funnel 190


End piece
Made from aluminium, optimised shape, slides better into the rubber funnel. Complete with weak link, ring pair and silicon sleeve. Please specify required breaking load of weak link according to the Flight Manual. As standard we supply a white weak link = 500 daN breaking load. Good to know: Only one weak link is needed, which is inserted in a narrow version of the protective sleeve (111030).

P/N Description Weight g
300061 End piece 230



CRG Cable
50 m on cardboard reel, 60 m on cardboard reel or
250 m on cardboard reel – the big cable reel at the most economic price.

You can cut the cable to length. Recommended e.g. for flight schools.

P/N Description Weight g
300550 CRG cable 50 m on cardboard reel 1920
300556 CRG cable 60 m on cardboard reel 2250
300560 CRG cable 250 m on cardboard reel 8700

Seiltrommel 50 m


CRG Spare Parts – Excerpt

P/N Description Weight g
300150 Terminator with steel bush 275
300071 Mirror, colour white, mounting on left side or right side 318
300070 Mirror, colour black, mounting on left side or right side 318
300116 Drum hub for cable drum 500
300057 Aluminium sleeve, two-part 30
A30120 Cable drum for 50 m cable with attachment 755
300031 Helical drum cover 382
300148 Complete guillotine for CRG, knives from niro steel 220

Please ask for the complete spare parts list.


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