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Equipment for synthetic cables

 Safety cable 3m

Manufactured from stiff synthetic rope, accessory parts sewed in directly into the rope ends: the connecting ring pair at the glider side, a large oval ring at the winch cable side and for fitting the appropriate weak link.

The special construction of the synthetic rope – multi-layer construction with narrowly braided cover – shows a very smooth surface and a high stiffness. It corresponds to the requirements of the SBO.
An additional stiffening cover is no longer stipulated.

Stitching and junction at the rope ends are protected with a heat-shrink tubing. No sharp edges can damage the glider.
This safety cable can also be used with steel winch cables.


P/N Description
121006 Safety cable, colour white, length 3 m with oval ring and
connecting ring pair
121016 Safety cable, as above, with special reinforced area for use
in double seaters with nose wheel and for vehicle tow


 Intermediate cables

Length depends on the diameter of the cable parachute.
Manufactured from Dyneema rope with high load capability. At both ends our solid aluminium thimbles “Jumbo” are spliced in. The splice is double protected trough a heat-shrink tubing and a synthetic cover.
The screw type connector can be fitted directly into the bore of our “Jumbo” thimbles.


 P/N Description  Length in m  for canopy- Ø 
121012 Intermediate cable from Dyneema 2 up to 1.5 m
121017 Intermediate cable from Dyneema 10 over 1.5 m


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