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G 88 series

G 88 series
The Europa G 88 safety release is installed at the centre of gravity of gliders and motor gliders. The release is approved by the German aviation authority (LBA) under TCDS 60.230/2 to the airworthiness regulations for tow releases: for cable loads of up to 14.1 kN, for maximum all-up weight of 900 kg, automatic release at a cable angle of 83°±7°, maximum manual release force is 140 N. The release also conforms to JAR 22 regulations.

 G 88 with lever
Standard version, with 4-position release lever.

 G 88 without lever
Allows for a special release lever to be fitted by the aircraft manufacturer. The release cable can also be attached directly to one of the segment holes.

 G 88/1-83
For the cramped conditions in some gliders: the segment is shortened by three holes and the segment bolt is extended for fitting a special release lever at the side of the release body.

P/N Release Weight g
028000 G 88 with lever 720
028200 G 88 without lever 670
028400 G 88/1-83, bushing 33x10x2, for lever left hand 670
028450 G 88/1-83, bushing 34.5x8x1, for lever left hand 670
028470 G 88/1-83, bushing 20x9x1,5, for lever left hand 670
028500 G 88/1-83, bushing 34.5x8x1, for lever right hand 670
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