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The HBGD is a compact master cylinder for direct mounting to the control stick. Due to high quality materials and optimised pressure sealings it ensures a fast response characteristic and a very good modulation of braking force.

The mounting to the control stick is completed with retaining clamps that include a quick fastener. Fitting retaining clamps are available for various control stick diameters (Ø 18 mm, Ø 19 mm, Ø 20 mm, Ø 24 mm). Further diameters can be customized according to your requirements.

A valve-based control mechanism always ensures that the higher braking pressure reaches the brake assembly.
Especially in double seated planes this will provide you with a significant plus in safety.

P/N Description Hydraulic
(suitable brake assembly)
Max. operating
press. bar
050200 HBGD DOT4 BZT, BZT2, 30-9, 30-63A  100 M10x1 150
050201 HBGD Mineral Fluid BZT, BZT2, 30-9, 30-63A  100 M10x1 150

When mounting the master cylinder to the control stick, we recommend the use of our thin and extremely flexible hydraulic lining Stahlflex (p/n 058002) for the feed and the pressure line.

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