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The master cylinder PBG is qualified especially together with the four piston brake assembly BZT4 due to its big volume flow, or for the connection of two brake assem- blies BZT or BZT2 to one master cylinder.
The type PBG is applicable for mounting to the rudder pedals or also the free positi- oning in the fuselage.

This master cylinder, too, is provided with an overflow function an can be used in row.

P/N Description Fluid Application (suitable brake assembly) Max. operating press. bar Connecting thread Mounting device Weight
050610 PBG DOT4 BZT, BZT2, 30-9, 30-63A  100 M10x1 Bore 135
050611 PBG Mineral Fluid BZT, BZT2, 30-9, 30-63A  100 M10x1 Bore 135
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