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Cable parachutes for synthetic winch cables

parachute ‘Kuwi’

This light parachute combines high strength with a very good price/performance ratio.
Its special construction allows for the parachute to descend very slowly and nearly non-rotating.
The smaller canopy is constructed especially for the use with synthetic winch launching cables.
Canopy made of two polyamide panels stitched together cross-shaped. The canopy edges are reinforced with belts. Parachute colour: white.
Eight shroud lines are held together at top and bottom in large leather thimbles.
The shroud belts are tied to loops at the canopy base.

 P/N Description Canopy basis Ø m
(open during flight)
Length parachute mm Weight g
133600 Cross-panel cable parachute Kuwi 1200 3400 1200


parachute ‘Dyni’

The durable cable parachute with high life expectancy.
BT parachute reduced in size, especially for use with synthetic winch launching cable.
Four segemetn canopy from nylon, UV-resistant. 8 ea. one-pice shroud belts in black with high tensile strength sewed on, reinforced parachute edges.
The long shroud belts are exchangeable. Whe damaged you can order replacement belts and exchange them by yourself.
The shroud lines are belt together in a Delta screw-type connector.

 P/N Description Canopy basis Ø m
(open during flight)
Length parachute mm Weight g
133100 Dyni 1200 3400 2200


Important operating notes for the use of the parachute:

  • The canopy diameter is less than 1.5 m.
  • Thus the sequence is: 3 m safety cable weak link element (can also be positioned
    between connecting ring pair and safety cable) – 2 m intermediate cable.
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