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Connectors/Quick-release links

The German SBO regulation stipulates that when operating a double drum winch, the leeward winch cable has to be used first and the parachute of the other cable has to be disconnected.

For this purpose we offer quick disconnect points for a simple and fast connection, e.g. for predetermined breaking points in fan circuits and rope parachutes.


Quick-release links
We offer practical solutions for all connections in the cable preamble that must be disconnected easily, e.g. the fan-assembly, weak links, cable parachutes.


Tost notch-type connector

This combined connector consists of a drop-forged hook and an oval ring with a flat section to be inserted into the notch of the hook. Low weight, no sharp edges, no deformation even under heavy cable load, long service life.




Tost clasp-type connector
One-part connector. Simply clip it onto connecting shackle.




P/N Description Load
with shackle
096000 Tost notch-type
connector, two-part
15 116 112800 8
097000 Tost clasp-type
connector, one-part
(when closed)
98 112312 6


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