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Tow support

For banner towing or aero tow without CRG you need to have a release support at the rear of your aircraft to mount the tow release. We manufacture this release support for various aircraft types, see table.
The Tost tow release E 85 is mounted on this support.

This release has an airworthiness approval and can be mounted on any aircraft type. The release support has no certification of its own. It is certified as a component of the EASA-certified Tow Cable Retractor Winch.
The scope of delivery of a release support includes a bowden cable of 10 m length for actuation.

P/N Description Weight g
303030 PA 12/18/19 2100
018525 PA 25 1050
303030 Husky A-1, A-1A 2100
018540 Maule, with new rudder operating lever 2400
018510 Husky A-1B 1350
303035 Citabria, with spring pad 1.75″ 2100
018570 Cessna 172 2450
018620 Zenair 650 1200
303037 Zenair CH 640 2300
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