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Vehicle tow device

An alternative way of getting up in the air is being used again, known from former
times: the vehicle tow. The pilot just needs an airfield and a helper with a car to get up into the air.

The vehicle tow device is fixed to the trailer hitch of the car, the necessary tools are included in the scope of delivery. No modifications at the vehicle are needed. The vehicle tow device is based on a tow release E 85; the releasing is made through the driver with a bowden cable.
For the vehicle tow we recommend the synthetic winch cable Dynalaunch which we can supply in every length. On one side, a Jumbo thimble can be spliced into the cable. We can also supply the complete cable preamble according to the German SBO (Gliding regulation).

We offer as additional „helper“ a device for winding up the cable which is stored in the trunk of your car. This device helps to wind up the cable which is laying on the airfield after the tow. It is powered by the 12-V on board electric of the car.

Beside the development of the equipment described above, we also have achieved a broad kowledge in the file of vehicle tow. You can contact us with your questions regarding the legal situation or the qualification of the pilot.

All information summarized in an overview.



P/N Description Weight g
011520 Vehicle tow device
E 85 with brackets, Bowden cable, release unit and tooling
200700 Device for winding up the cable


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