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Weak links for special applications

We manufacture custom-made weak link elements for special applications with defined breaking load according to your specifications.
We can cover the low load range of 100 N to 10 kN. We can also meet the demands in the high load range of 11 kN to 50 kN.
Through the use of different materials we can meet your requirements regarding corrosion protection, food compatibility or any other standard.
An individual marking of the weak links according to customer wishes, e.g. with the corporate logo, can be carried out easily.

Application examples:

  • Bracing of antennas
  • Retaining of flagpoles
  • Testing of parachutes
  • Ship rigging
  • Off-shore-operations
  • Harbor tugs
  • Balloon mooring
  • Trade fair constructions
  • Food industry
  • Mechanical Engineering


Configuration of weak link element

3- to 5-part weak link element, with or without protective sleeve, weak link inserts in single or reserve system, with two heavy duty shackles, in the load range of 11 to 50 kN.

P/N Description Max. load
190550 Heavy-duty weak link element, 5 pcs.,
in reserve system
11 to 20 kN
190560 Heavy-duty weak link element, 4 pcs.,
in single system
20 to 50 kN
190561 Weak link insert for p/n 190560
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