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Master cylinder

Master cylinder are the components in a hydraulic brake system, that produce the necessary brake respectively hydraulic pressure to push the brake linings against the brake disk. In addition to our brake assemblies, we manufacture a wide variety of master cylinders, availalbe from stock, which can be used in different combiations. In general, three types of master cylinder can be classified:
  • Hydraulic brake lever, which can be mounted directly to the control stick.The actuation is carried out directly by the pilot.e.g.: HBG, HBGD, HBGSH
  • Rudder pedal master cylinder, which can be mounted to additional small pedalson the rudder pedals or at a user-defined place in the fuselage. If the installaton is not realized at the rudder pedals, the acutation has to be realized with a bow- den cable or push-rods. e.g.: PHBZ, 10-30
  • Universal master cylinder for user-defined installation in the fuselage. The acutation has to be realized with a bowden cable or push-rods. e.g.: Form 7
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