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AERO 2020 —–current announcement: trade fair postponed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The trade fair organisation has announced a new date for the AERO show:

April 14 – 17, 2021

Catalog 2019

We just issued an updated Product Catalog at the occasion of the AERO trade fare.

You can already find it on this website:

either you go to “Service” to download the catalog or you go to blue Catalog button on the right hand where you will find one issue to look through online

Retrofit kit to disk brake for LS4 with EASA approval

When you modify your LS glider to the hydraulic brake system, the 4“ drum brake wheel is exchanged against the 4” disk brake wheel Classic 110-20. The torque plate assembly has been redesigned and is now CNC milled from solid aluminum. The existing axle can be used further on. The Bowden cable at the rudders is replaced by the new PTC master cylinder. It is very well harmonized with the BZT brake assembly. The glider won’t go onto the nose so fast when you make a full stop.

This retrofit can easily be performed in any Gliding club’s workshop.

The following LS gliders can be retrofitted with the EASA Minor Change Approval:

LS3, LS4, LS6, LS7, LS8


  • Clear increase of the brake force
  • The braking can be modulated very well
  • Low amount of work for great result
  • No modification of center of gravity
  • No need of adjusting the brake

Extent of delivery:

  • 1x Master cylinder PTC
  • 1x Disk brake wheel Classic 110-20
  • 1x BZT brake assembly
  • 1x Reservoir incl. bracket
  • All necessary hydraulic hoses and fittings
  • Complete documentation with
    • Installation instruction
    • EASA FORM 1
    • TN 01/2018
    • Required maintenance documents
    • Minor Change Approval

This retrofit kit has an EASA approval and can be purchased directly from Tost.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions to this retrofit kit.

Vehicle Tow

Vehicle Tow is the topic of the season for glider pilots. Known from former times, it is an alternative way of getting up into the air without tug or winch.

You just need a car and the Vehicle Tow Device from Tost.

The Vehicle tow device from Tost plays an important role in this briliant video from VW as connection between the Amarok and the Antares. Also the blue towing cable “Dynalaunch” is from Tost.

Please find more information about our products in our Product Catalog.