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Maintenance notes for brake disks


Maintenance notes for brake disk

  1. Inspect brake disk for cracks, excessive wear and tear, grooves, corrosion and deformation.
  2. Remove corrosion and smooth smaller nicks with fine emery paper (400 grain).
  3. Replace the brake disk, if it is worn beyond the wear limit (see below).
    Measure this minimum at two or three spots.
  4. Replace the brake disk if it has an axial throw of 0.2 mm.
  5. Brake disks are surface-treated only for special applications.
    A rust film of varying degree may form on the brake disk.
    That can be removed with one or two parking
    brake operations.
  6. If rust has progressed further, it may be necessary to dismantle the disk from the
    wheel so that both disk surfaces can be cleaned properly. First use a steel brush, then follow with 220 grain emery paper. Finally polish with 400 grain emery paper. This procudure may allow you to continue using the brake disk.


Wear limits

Disk thickness
Wear limit
1,5 1,3
2,0 1,7
4,0 3,3
5,0 4,3
Disk thickness
Wear limit
6,0 5,2
6,5 5,5
8,0 7,0
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