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Important operational advises for releases

Overhaul of tost releases

Releases are approved aeronautical parts.
Tost company, aa EASA Maintenance organisation, has the right to maintain own products.
This certification excludes at the same time, that others perform the overhaul of Tost products.
The servicing of Tost releases is only permitted in the Tost premises in Munich.
During the overhaul procedure, the release spring is exchanged, the life time limiting element in a release.
The maximum possible number of 10.000 actuations result in the regulation of the TBO of 2000 starts.
Simultaniously, all components of the release are being checked on their condition and exchanged, if needed.
Often this is the case with the release hook, the connec- tion to the connecting ring pair and thus the glider.
Furthermore, manual release force and release angle are being testet and newly adjusted.
The overhauled release is delivered to the customer with a newly issued EASA FORM 1 and new Operating Manual.
We may ask you to demount all external levers and brackets from the release befo- re sending them to Tost. Every additional part results in extra work which we have to charge.

Exchange releases

We offer exchange releases as a customer service:
If the release is due for overhaul in the middle of the gliding season, you can save time with an exchange release.
The customer will receive an exchange release out of our stocks, suitable for his aircraft (subject to prior sale).
The demounting of his own release and the mounting of the exchange release can be done at the same time.Thus, the glider can fly again immediately.
The demounted release is sent to Tost company, overhauled and goes into the stock of exchange releases. The customer keeps the exchange release which means that the serial number of his release will change.



Tow releases are approval obligated aircraft parts. Only through the com- pliance with the mandatory maintenance intervals the safety and the life time of the releases are ensured. After 10.000 actuations (corresponding to 2000 starts) the general overhaul and retesting at the manufacturer is stipulated.

We recommend the general overhaul after 4 years as through environmental influences corrosion and sluggishness can occur which can result in malfunction.
The aircraft holder is responsible for the supervision and compliance of the maintenance intervals.

Important operating advise to the connecting ring pair

Connecting ring pairs are vital for the safe connection and reliable separation of tow cable and tow release.

The type certification stipulates that every Tost tow release must be operated only with a ring pair meeting the Aeronautical Standard LN 65091.
Such a ring pair must be stamped with the manufacturer's name and the standard number. Welded ring pairs are generally prohibited and imply a potential danger for the pilot.
Their use voids our warranty for the release.
Welded rings damage the release. Moreover, undersized or deformed rings can cause the ring pair to jam the release and inhibit correct operation under load.
Ring pairs must be visually checked and measured at regular intervals to ensure correct operation. Ring pairs that deviate from the standard dimensions must be replaced.

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