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Special tow releases

Special Tow releases

Apart from our aviation releases we offer a wide variety of special tow releases for defined holding and targeted release of loads.
The specific load range and the type of remote activation (mechanical, electric, hydraulic, pneumatic) can be varied.

Application examples:

  • Test rigs
  • Drop tests
  • Harbor tugs
  • Cable positioning
  • Towing of oil barriers
  • Rope down securing units
  • Mining and surface mining
  • Automotive engineering
  • Towing and securing units

Please contact us for an offer for your special application.

Heavy duty releases

The load release E 85 L is available in different variants such as a seawater proof type or variants equipped with mechanical activation, with electrical remote activation or with special side plates.
Further special versions of the load release are realised according to your requirements (e.g. with mounting supports, hydraulic or pneumatic activation etc.).


P/N Description Max. load
011320 Heavy duty release E 85 L 20 kN
011321 Heavy duty release E 85 L seawater proof 20 kN
011395 Heavy duty release E 85 L
with mechanical acitvation + side plates
20 kN
011390 Heavy duty release E 85 L
with electrical remote activation + side plates
20 kN
011490 Heavy duty release E 85 L
with electrical remote activation + side plates
30 kN


Fail safe release

As opposed to all other release variants the unactuated setting of the fail safe release is always open.
By applying electric voltage the release is locked.
The release opens immediately once the voltage is removed.

P/N Description Max. load
015100 E 22 Fail Safe 2 kN



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